10 Valentine Crafts Ideas

Cereal, bugs, paratroopers and one or two for adults. just a few craft ideas for Valentines day.



Its almost Valentines day and leave it to me to wait till the last minute. I decided this year I didn’t want to give candy if I can help it.  I am sharing with you the close favorites that I found. (yes some had candy but they were cute so I gave it a thought.)  So roll up your sleeves and here are some craft ideas for valentines day!

1.  Cereal Valentines!

Cereal Valentines

I thought this was an awesome idea! I would love the idea of giving out cereal versus candy.  Lily Jane and her son came up with some adorable quotes and has printable labels for a few different cereals.

  • Mini boxes of cereal
  • mini spoons
  • (5.5″ x 10″) craft paper or her printables
  • double stick tape

2. Love bugs


I have seen these for a while and every time I forget about them till its too late. This is a great valentine for a bug lover. Dandee has a printable PDF that you can use for the jar.

  • Plastic bugs
  • double Sided tape
  • mason jar printable

3. Mini Bubblegum Machine


This breaks my no candy idea but it was so creative and cute I wanted to share it with you guys.  Bubbly Nature Creations has the full instructions on this fun valentines day craft.

  • Plastic Ball ornament from Hobby Lobby ( Not affiliate link just to show you which one you will need.)
  • gum balls
  • Paper party cups
  • Tape
  • Scrap book paper For the ribbon

4. Paratrooper Valentines


Paging Supermom had a great idea for a boys valentine. Paratroopers! I went to my local store and didn’t find enough to make these bummer! but I still want to share this with all of you!

  • Paratroopers
  • Plastic baggies
  • Printable template from Paging Supermom

5. Lego StarWars Valentines


These are great for the Star wars and Lego fan (like my son) Ill most likely make something like these for my sons birthday coming up soon, but these “Forceful Valentines”  by  stitch craft creations  come with a printable PDF. She has two versions of the printable and color version and a plain one for those of us who can’t use that much ink 🙂

  • Glow bracelets
  • Printable

6. My Funny Valentine

adults funny

These are not for kids. Let me just say this first. I love the humor in these and the fact that you have to “Read between the lines” I thought I would throw these in here. These can be found on Etsy by YesUmaystationary  If you wanted to make them yourself it wouldn’t be hard at all.


7. Treat Bag Toppers

Valentine's Day Printable Treat Bag Toppers

Makdoodle has a variety of treat bag toppers that can be printed and cut out and attached to treat bags.

8. I Pixy You Paint Chip Valentines

I pixy you

These from Etsy – by Stuck Like Glue Crafts can be made at home. and I thought they were clever.

  • pixy sticks
  • Paint Chips
  • Stamps or Markers


9. Just Write


I saw these on Pinterest and I haven’t found the direct link yet.  These are also a neat simple Valentine using Pencils and you could easily cut out some hearts and write in the phrase by hand or using a editor you could make a printable for it.


10.  Spa Sundays

spa sundays

This would make a good valentine to give to an adult, older kids, and teens. (Itsybelle)

  • Sunday cup
  • Loofa
  • soap
  • bathbeads
  • Ribbon and tag


I hope you found these as fun and as inspiring as I have!



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