Thanksgiving Votives

An ocean inspired Thanksgiving votive that’s sweet and simple to make.


This year I wanted to do something different for Thanksgiving decorations. My husband and I were born and raised in California and love the ocean. When it came to decorating our home we decided that we would incorporate the beach and ocean vibe into our home, so this year  when I was making the votives I decided to also find a way to add that in to our decor as well.



  • The sand I bought was Play Sand the thing about it was that it was moist so I took out some of the sand and spread it out to dry. I did this the day before just to be sure.
  • I used a little piece of tape to attach one end of the burlap to the glass then wrapped it around so that it is tight and let it overlap a little over the end and used a small dot of glue to keep it in place.
  • I used a tiny dot of glue to attach a couple leaves to the back of the feathers.
  • Then I added in the feathers and sand

*Keep in mind that I use LED candles not real burning ones*


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