Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas – Target Thanksgiving Banner


Sometimes you can find something pre made and add your own special little touch to it. Take a look at what I added to a Thanksgiving banner from Target.

This Give Thanks Banner is a combination of a banner I bought from Target and A DIY banner Kit. I also  plan to add more to it so I guess you can say its a work in progress 😉

What I Used:

  • Thanksgiving Banner – Target (I purchased mine In Store)
  • Kraft Paper Banners by American Crafts – Target (I purchased This inside the store as well.)
  • Hot glue gun

FunHolidayCrafts-GiveThanksBanner-Kits -ThanksgivingCraftsIdeas

What I Did:

  • I took the draft paper from the banner kit and positioned it where I wanted it on the banner.
  • I used the smallest dot of glue when I got it where I wanted it.


I opted not to undo the twine I didn’t want to have to fish it back through the original banner after. I also want to be able to take it apart next year and do something different with it. 😉

They are still adjustable and I think it looks much better than the original one. I also plan to hang a fall garland with it to add to it.

FunHolidayCrafts-GiveThanksBanner-Kits -ThanksgivingCraftsIdeas-Feat

*The Target Link is NOT an affiliate link. I am not sure if the banner is available but the option to check and see is there.*


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