Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas: Yarn Wrapped Candles

Looking for an cheap Thanksgiving decorating idea? The Yarn wrapped candle is one that I use that is versatile and you can change the colors for different holidays!


 What you need:

  • Your Candle or Candle Holder
  • Yarn


This is a pretty simple Thanksgiving decor idea. I like to be able to reuse things so I didn’t glue this one.

  • I wrapped the first row and tied it in the back. No one will see the back of mine but if you need to you can wrap the following rows around the tied piece.
  • When you decide that is all the wraps you want then what I did is the final row I made sure it was taught and tied it and tucked the loose piece under.

Like I said its simple and even better if you have a friend that knits that will let you borrow some yarn 😉

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