St Patrick’s day fun preschool crafts – Fruit Loop Rainbows

If your looking for a simple and fun preschool crafts that is just right for St Patrick’s day at school or home this is the one for you.


My boys did more asking to eat the loops than wanting to glue them to the paper. This was fun because I also took this as an opportunity to have him work on his counting and adding. I had him count each color of the loops then we added random colors together. I also had him take some away from different rows and so on.

  • Fruit loops
  • Glue
  • Crayons
  • Pot of Gold Print out Here
  • Print out the printable
  • Let the kids color the pot of gold.
  • Separate the fruit loops by color.
  • Use the glue to stick the loops to the paper.
  • Allow it to dry

What I like about this is that its a crafts for preschoolers that is simple fun and can be used to teach colors and counting.



The Original Craft is from Here.

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