St Patrick’s Day Clovers -Origami Shamrock

If your looking for a creative St Patrick’s day clover idea this is it. It can be made into a variety of other crafts as well.

Img Via Activity Village

I love Origami I have always had fun making all sorts of things. So finding this little gem just in time for St Patrick’s day was definitely a big bonus for me. The best part is that you can make them and add them to a variety of crafts projects and just make them for the fun of it.


  • Hair bows
  • cards
  • hair bands
  • St Patrick’s day Jewelry
  • decor at a Saint Patrick’s day party
  • Place a pin on the back and wear it.
  • Garland
  • St Patrick’s day favors
  • and all sorts of St Patrick’s day goodies

I am sure there are plenty more wonderful uses for these little clovers.


  • Green paper
  • or Origami Paper


img via Activity Village
Img via Activity Village

(If you need these in a printable form you can visit Activity Village’s PDF)

I hope you enjoy this craft as much as I do.

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