Saint Patrick’s Day Party Hat

A fun Preschool craft that is just right for a Saint Patrick’s day party or St Patrick’s day art project.


I had this idea as I was in the store I originally wanted to make  these St. Patrick’s day goodies – Mini Leprechaun Hats but I realized that I didn’t have a dark cookie sheet. So I  ended up thinking on my feet and making this with my boys instead.


  • paint brushes
  • Green  paint
  • Black paint
  • gold paint
  • Styrofoam bowls

What I used :

  • Folk Art – Multi-surface – 2934 Licorice
  • Folk Art – Metallic – 660 Pure Gold
  • Apple Barrel – Matte Acrylic Paint – 21479 New Shamrock


  • Flip the Styrofoam bowl over paint  the whole thing green. Wait for it to dry.
  • I later added a second coat. Wait for it to dry.
  • Paint a black strip close to the “brim” allow to dry
  • Paint a gold square for the buckle.


Simple, simple, simple you could poke a hole on either side and add a string, then you could use it for a Saint Patrick’s day party hat. You could let the kiddos add embellishments to it. My youngest got more paint on himself than his hat *sigh* but he had fun so that’s all that matters right?

~ Get Inspired and Get Creative – S.C.M ~

St Patrick’s day Clover Pins
St Patrick’s day goodies – Leprechaun Pot of Gold