Holiday Crafts for Elementary Students



Elementary school is the official beginning of schooling for young kids. These are the foundation years for the rest of their lives.

These crafts are going to be a bit more complicated than Preschool Crafts and can be made in the classroom.


More Elementary Holiday Crafts New Years

Lollipop Valentines   spotted at puttisworld  valentinesdayfingerpuppet

More Elementary Holiday Crafts Valentines Day

paper bunny ears    diy Easter bunny masks paper plate Easter bunny basket

More Elementary Holiday Crafts Easter

ACraftsForPreschool-SaintPatricksDayPartyHat-FunHolidayCrafts-Main   button shamrock  shamrock window decoration

More Elementary Holiday Crafts St. Patrick’s Day


More Elementary Holiday Crafts 4th Of July

paper plate spider kids halloween craft  paper plate ghost - kids halloween craft  mummy kids craft

More Elementary Holiday Crafts Halloween

Image via hwtm  Image via FamilyFun Magazine  Image: Heather Weston

More Elementary Holiday Crafts Thanksgiving

Christmas Crafts for the Kids - via FunHolidayCrafts  Image via forwhatitsworth-ornot   Image via azlearningbug

More Elementary Holiday Crafts Christmas

Some of our favorite holiday crafts for elementary students

Valentine's DIY owl craft  Image via hwtm  Minecraft-creeper-craft-4-funholidaycrafts-com

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