Squirrel Appreciation Day

~Squirrels, bom, bom, da da bom bom we are nothing more than squirrels..~

Just when you think it’s safe, squirrels come popping out of nowhere to rile up the birds by joining them at their feeders or by rummaging around in our attics to remind us of the treasures we have hidden there. The little opportunists of the animal kingdom are here to help keep your world lively. January 21st is Squirrel Appreciation Day, the day we show those cute little fuzzy creatures we care. Squirrels come in many colors and are not only celebrated in silly songs like ”The Squirrel Song”  but are also featured in movies like “Nut Job” and “Over the Hedge”.  

This day was started in 2001 by wildlife rehabilitator Christy Hargrove, because food around this time is difficult for these little guys to come by. She wanted to not only bring awareness for the squirrel but also help generate some much needed munchies for these adorable critters whose antics get us laughing.  On January 21st take some nuts to your local park or even your own backyard and show your appreciation for the squirrels by offering them a snack or two. I am sure they will like it!

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Image Via – Funny squirrel