Penguin Awareness Day

Celebrated in books and on film these formally dressed bird captivate and

delight the young and old alike. So on January 20th let our dapper friends from the north walk or waddle their way into your heart and celebrate the penguin.

This day was formed to bring awareness and promote conservation efforts for these flightless birds whose numbers are dwindling daily.  There are about 20 known species of these aquatic birds from the southern hemisphere of our world.

So how can we celebrate the penguin? Watch a movie, go to the zoo and visit some penguins or even host a black and white formal tuxedo party to generate donations for penguin conservation efforts, what great fun!


So on January 20th learn more about and celebrate the comical beauty of the penguin.

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Image Via Twitter- Lewispugh Illustrated by Peppermint Narwhal