National Pie Day

Apple, blueberry, chocolate or peanut butter, warm or cold there is no better comfort food than pie. We love it in all its variations and it graces most tables during the many holidays of the year. Savory or sweet pie can’t be beat!

This holiday has been celebrated annually on January 23rd since the mid 1970’s when first created by Charlie Papazian a teacher from Boulder, Colorado. It was later picked up by The American Pie Council in 1986 who now sponsors it and hosts a website for pie aficionados. Amazing that something so simple could stir up so much interest.  

Did you know that apple pie is America’s favorite and that it’s the preferred late night snack by 59% of Americans? We love our pie. Let us know what your favorite is. Celebrate pie with us on January 23 (not to be confused with national Pi day held later in the year) by baking or picking up your favorite, adding ice cream or keeping it naked “oh my” and chowing down. You might also find a pie festival or pie baking competition in your area.

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Image Via – grandmascookiejar / geocaching