National Pharmacist Day



Celebrated on January 12th this day was set to observe and honor pharmacists all across the nation. The primary role of the pharmacist has changed over the years from checking and distributing drugs to doctors to modern times where they now advise interactions, dosages and selections often working more directly with patients. By helping to monitor the health and progress of patients, the pharmacist can help ensure the effective and safe use of the drugs they were prescribed. So special are these highly trained men and women there is not only a national day but a month and even a world day that celebrates the pharmacists.

They see us when we’re sick, they see us when we’re sad, they see us when we’re balding or our stomachs are acting bad. They’re there to help us with what we need to find, so say thank you to your pharmacist take a moment and be kind.

So on January 12th take a moment and with a healthy bounce in your step visit your pharmacist and say “Thank you” I am sure they would be pleased to see you well.

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Image Via -Dixie Allen (c)