Appreciate A Dragon Day

This holiday is used as a means to celebrate literacy and was started by Mrs. Paul to celebrate the book release DragonSpell in 2004. The dragon is a powerful symbol in mythology from all over the world.

Dragons come in many forms and sizes from the winged western dragon to the non-winged noodle type dragons of Asia. Dragons can be found in anything from ancient tapestries to modern sculpture, in games like Dungeons and Dragons to stories such as St. George and the Dragon, Grimm’s Fairy tales and the Hobbit.

Dragons range from children stories to the big screen where they breath fire and spark the imagination. So on January 16th we encourage you to pick out your favorite dragon from literature and learn about these fantastical creatures that have captivated even the most faint of heart. Pick up a pen and write your own story or drawn what you think your dragon would look like.


Tell if you were a dragon what kind would you be? Are you a Puff or Smog? A black or a green? Chinese or european? There are so many to choose from!

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Image via – clkr / Tanya Shatseva