Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day

Every year come January 1st we make a todo list for the year such as “Lose tons weight” or

“Clean out the junk drawer and keep it clean” and by the end of January those resolutions are left behind like so much glitter. Many of our resolutions are, to be honest, unrealistic and/or unreasonable right? So what are we to do about that near impossible todo list? Ditch it, Right? But when is the right time? I can tell you! On January 17th, so pick up that pack of smokes, close that junk drawer and put on comfortable pants because today is our day to say “Enough with resolutions!”.  

Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution Day is a day when you can leave behind those drunken promises and make a more realistic list of lifestyle changes that you can actually keep and that will make a real difference. So sit down and think about your life and what things you can do reasonably to make a difference “Lose 100 pounds? No way!” instead “Cut back on desserts by only having half the size or only twice a week.” What a great way to start dropping those pounds. So join me in making changes for a reason and not just because another year has passed.  

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Image Via – David Guerin