Backward Day

With the rush of holidays over and the first month of the new year at its close we want to take time to unwind and look back. What better way than with backwards day? January 31 is just the day to back up and have some playful fun and honor everything backwards. Let’s end the month on the left foot, put our shirts backwards and eat dessert first.

 Did you know Palindromes are words and phrases that can be spelled backwards and are still the same? Words like mom, dad, racecar and kayak or phrases like “A toyota” and “A nut is a jar of tuna” isn’t that the coolest? How many words or phrases can you find that are Palindromes?


What fun things can you think of to do on backwards day? I can think of a few like walking backwards, writing a love note to my partner in reverse and make a pineapple upside down cake.

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Image via – Planasia