National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day


Who would have thought that eating ice cream for breakfast could become a holiday? Well, Florence Rappaport from Rochester, New York came up with this holiday as a way to entertain her children on a cold and blustery day when they were bored and stuck indoors. Imagine that..what a wonderful way to start your day than with a cold creamy treat.

Celebrate with us on the first Saturday of February and get a scoop of your favorite treat and nibble away. What ice cream would be good for breakfast? How about coffee or if you’re really adventurous bacon or cinnamon buns ice cream. Mmmm.. bacon. You can even just add your favorite scoop to a bowl of oatmeal or make your pancakes a la mode!

A few of our favorite Ice Cream crafts!

   National Ice Cream Cone Creft

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Images Via – Himajina / Sandyalamode