Thank a Mailman (Letter Carrier) Day


Long ago when the west was first settled we had mail carriers. The pony express were famous early Americans who delivered mail to remote locations. Stopped by neither weather or Indians they brought word from afar.

In modern day the postal service is much more efficient and widespread with mail deliveries most days of the week.  These nameless men and women deliver mail without reward or fanfare. So, on February 4th we need to all thank our mail person for their hard work and dedication. Let neither rain or snow or sleet or hail stop you from offering a smile and a simple thank. If you’re not into writing something by hand use #ThankAMailmanDay to tweet your thanks.

I wonder if the saying should go “Let neither twitter, or email or blogging or texting stop you from sending a message today.”  Do you know who your mail carrier is?

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Image Via – swampflorida