Teacup Candles

Mother's Day DIY gift ideas
Image via marthastewart

This sweet and simple Mother’s candle craft is perfect for moms of all ages!


teacup (saucer optional) –(you can find these at a thrift store)
candle wicks (at least 1? taller than your cup)
candle scent or dye (optional)
microwaveable container
hot glue gun


1. Clean your cup and saucer thoroughly and dry completely
2. Place your wick in the center of your cup and glue the base down with a dab of hot glue. You can also purchase sticky wax for this step, but glue works fine.
3. Heat wax and add in dye or scent according to package directions. Pour into container. You can gently adjust the wick to make sure it is straight after you poor the wax in.
4. Let sit until the wax is cool and solid
5. Trim wick down to 1/4?.
6. Wrap and give to Mom for a very special gift she can enjoy for months!

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