Mother’s Day Chalkboard Vase

mother's day chalkboard mason jar vases

We love this simple home decor craft project because it suits almost any occasion. You can write anything from “Happy Mother’s Day” on these super cute and easy DIY chalkboard vases!


Glass Vase (your choice)
Spray on Chalk Board Paint (We suggest Krylon)


Ok, the first step to making this awesome home d├ęcor craft project is to layout your newspaper.

Set you vase out on the newspaper.

Shake the spray on chalkboard can according to the directions on the side of the can. Hold the chalk board spray-paint about 12 inches away from the glass vase. Now, lightly spray on a coat of paint. (Use a primer if your specific chalk board paint says to. This will vary between products.)

Let this first coat of chalkboard paint dry.

Do not put too much paint on during each coat. It will cause drips and runs that do not look good.

Now, once the first coat has dried add another to the vase. Let this coat of chalkboard paint dry on the vase.

Now, continue this process of adding coats until you have thoroughly covered the glass vase.

Now, once all the paint has dried you can fill your chalkboard vase with flowers as normal.

Before you add the water and flowers to the vase though be sure to add a personalized message with some chalk in a variety of colors.

You can write on this chalkboard vase just like a regular chalkboard.

To clean the vase wash off with clan warm water and a rag.

Let the chalkboard paint air dry.

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