Mom Votives

mom votives diy
Image via piikeastreet

Are you ready for Mother’s Day?  If not, make Mom some votive candles. They’re easy and inexpensive to put together. When lit, they create a relaxing ambiance (which all moms need!) and she will be so thrilled you’ve repurposed those old baby food jars. 


Baby food jars
Tissue paper, at least 2 colors
Glue or decoupage glue
Foam brush
Flameless tea lights, one for each jar


  1. First, cover your work area with newspaper and keep a moist towel nearby. If you don’t have decoupage glue, just mix equal parts water and glue in a jar (other than the ones for this project).
  2. Tear tissue paper into small pieces and set aside. Cut, with scissors, a contrasting color of tissue paper into hearts or letters.
  3. Decorate the lower half of the jars by applying some decoupage to the outside of the jar then place a piece of torn tissue paper on top. Use the tip of your brush to smooth out bubbles as best as you can. Allow to dry.
  4. Decorate the rest of the jar in the same fashion. Don’t forget to add those shapes and letters last.
  5. Once your jar is completely decorated, add a thin coat of decoupage and sprinkle on some glitter. Tip: Hold your jar low with one hand and slowly sprinkle from up high with your other hand. This will allow the glitter to spread out rather than fall in big clumps. Set aside to dry.
  6. Place a tea light in each jar.  Wrap the jars up or maybe just tie a pretty ribbon around them.
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