Pumpkin Preservers

Tips To Preserve Your Halloween Pumpkins

Keep your carved Jack-o-Lantern longer with these few easy tips on how to prevent your pumpkins from molding and looking good the entire Halloween season!

Preserve Halloween Pumpkins with Silica Gel

Solution #1: Silica Gel Packets
What causes your pumpkin to start rotting and molding? Excess moisture. Silica is used as a desiccant, meaning that it wicks away excess moisture, so start gathering some packets of Silica Gel from various household items such as shoe boxes, beef jerky or cat litter. Open the packets, take the beads out and gently insert them into the inside of the pumpkin meat. Display your pumpkin however you please and admire if for days to come!

Prevent Jack-O-Lanterns from molding with bleach - Fun Holiday Crafts

Solution #2: Bleach
Grab a bucket, pour in 1 teaspoon of bleach for every gallon of water and dunk your carved pumpkin in it (make sure the pumpkin is covered completely). Let the pumpkin sit in the bleach water for at leash 8 hours then remove it and dry it off to be ready to display.  If you wish, you can spray your pumpkin daily with the bleach/water mixture to prolong the life of your pumpkin even more.

Prevent Halloween Pumpkin Mold with Vaseline - Fun Holiday Crafts

Solution #3: Vaseline
Once your pumpkin is dry from the bleach soaking, you might want to rub the outside cut or carved surfaces with some Vaseline. Don’t slather too much petroleum jelly on the pumpkin, just enough to keep it hydrated and keep the bugs at bay.

Voila! With these easy tips, you now have a beautifully carved pumpkin that will last for at least a week, letting you show of your hard work for longer!

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