Paper Plate Ghosts

paper plate ghost - kids halloween craft

A fun and super easy Halloween craft you can do with the kids!


Paper Plates
Black Construction Paper
White Construction Paper
Glue Stick
White Crepe Paper Streamers
White Yarn or Black/White Ribbon


  1. Cut two round circles and one larger oval from the black construction paper (this will be the ghost’s eyes and mouth).
  2. Use the glue stick to attach the ovals to the front of the paper plate to make the face.
  3. Then cut out arm shapes out of the white construction paper and glue them to the back edge of the plate to make the ghost’s arms.
  4. Cut crepe paper into five strips, 24 inches long each. Glue crepe paper to the back of the paper plate so that they hang down from the bottom.
  5. Fold ribbon in half and tape the open ends to the back of the plate for the hanger.
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