How To Make Fake Blood

How To Make Fake Blood for Halloween - Fun Holiday Crafts

Making your own costume for Halloween and need some fake blood? Try our simple non-toxic Fake Blood project today and amp up the scariness of your get up!


White corn syrup
Red food coloring
Blue or green food coloring
Corn Starch


  1. Pour about 1 tablespoon of Corn Starch in a large bowl.
  2. Now add about 1 cup of White Corn Syrup and mix it up with the powder. The results will be rather thick, so once you have it mixed, start thinning it down with water until you get something close to the consistency of blood.
  3. Now that you have a base, it’s time to add the dye. Start with the red and add a few drops at a time, mixing thoroughly until you have a nice red color. But of course, real blood isn’t bright red. That’s where the blue and green dye come in. Add a couple of drops of either color until it looks more like actual blood.
  4. Once it looks like blood, set your mixture aside and let it thicken a bit before applying it to your costume.

*CAUTION* This mixture will stain your clothes and may temporarily discolor your skin as well.

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