Holiday Crafts for Teens: Skeleton Halloween Costume DIY

This project is a simple and easy Halloween costume that’s a great holiday crafts for teens  (and everyone else too.)


With Halloween coming around the corner, you may be looking for a simple costume for a party, for going out trick or treating or for Dia De Los Muertos. Then this is a simple and easily made skeleton Halloween costumes. The best part of this is its gender neutral so it can be made with girls or boys in mind. Also Keep in mind that there are many ways to make a project like this; So I will share a couple of the ways in this one post.


 Supplies: Super simple version.

  • White t-shirt
  • fabric pencil
  • Black Fabric pen or fabric paint
  • optional: print out of the rib cage

Instructions: Super simple version.

  • I usually take a piece of cardboard and place it in the shirt to make it easier to write or draw on the shirt. IF you use a print out I would tape it to the cardboard to keep it in place.
  • using the fabric marker mark out the dark parts of the rib cage
  • allow to dry completely

You can also use a black shirt and white marker or paint  and this can also be don to a pair of leggings you can use black leggings and white fabric paint or marker.

Supplies: Simple version.

  • White shirt
  • Black shirt
  • scissors
  • Fabric pencil

Instructions: Simple version.

  • flip the black shirt inside out and using your fabric pencil draw your outline of a rib cage.
  • once the outline is done then cut out the bones pieces.
  • then wear the black shirt on top of the white one.

Now if you want to make it even more awesome then take some leggings or pants and do the same by tracing leg bone outlines and cutting the bones out of the leggings.

Martha Stewart has a great rib cage shirt that looks awesome but takes a little bit more work and supplies than the two simpler versions above i’ll share the items you will need so you can gather them up before you head over to where you can find the printable template and the full instructions. Below is the video showing you how to make it.


  • fabric Scissors
  • Black Shirt

Now for this version there are two printouts that can be found here along with the full set of instructions that can be found Here.



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