Halloween Mummy Crafts – Mummy Lights

These mummy lights are great Halloween crafts that is sure to be to cute to be spooky.


When my son and I found these we knew we had to make them as part of our candy table for Halloween. These cute and cheap Halloween decorations can be made by you or the kids can help make these. We have a few ideas to add to it and make it our own and when we do we will definitely share them. These can also be used as party decorations, home decorations, fill with candy and give them as gifts and if your not comfortable with glass you can pick up some plastic cups or jars instead.


  • Gauze
  • Jars/Vases
  • LED Candles
  • Googly Eyes
  • Tape
  • Glue (a dab)


  • Using your tape tape the end of the gauze to the top of the jar.
  • wrap and wind the gauze around the jar.
  • at the bottom use a dab of glue to hold it in place.
  • add your googly eyes
  • add the LED candles
  • and place them around the house.



Image/craft Via – Hi Sugar Plum

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