Halloween Decor for your staircase

This beautiful Halloween decor idea will keep your guests off your stairs and will go great along with all your other Halloween party ideas.


Party city had a wonderful Halloween idea that looks a little spooky and will help keep guests on the main floor, or you can use it on your outside staircase to keep trick or treaters from climbing up the stairs. And if you really wanted to you could leave an opening and make it simply stairway decor. Either way I love it.



  • first drape your cheese cloth along the railings and walls
  • take the black rat cutouts and add them to the stairs
  • line the stairs with your flame less candles
  • and the bottom few stairs of the stairwell drape your black leaf garland and cheesecloth

I think that I would add some rubber rats to the bottom and perhaps some big spiders to add to the effect.

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IMG VIA Party City

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