Halloween Decor: Mercury Glass Votives

Mercury Glass Votive’s are a great way to add just a touch of spooky to  your decor and they are a great Holiday crafts for teens as well.


While looking around for some really neat ideas for Halloween decor I came across this beautiful gem. Mercury Glass Votive ideas. I think that this would be a great holiday craft idea for teens they can pick their own images and they are versatile and easy to make.


  • Jars
  • Krylon looking glass spray paint
  • Black paint  or black spray paint
  • paint brush *optional*
  • Petroleum jelly *optional*
  • paper towel
  • vinegar
  • water
  • spray bottle
  • scissors
  • printable images
  • newspaper
  • LED votive


  • Gather your jars and make sure they are free of labels and residue.
  • Gather your images that you want to place on the jar, making sure that they are sized appropriately to fit the jar and cut them out. Make sure to keep them simple too much detail is not only harder to cut but wont yield the same results.
  • Mix your 1/2 vinegar and water mix into your spray bottle
  • Lay down the news papers and the glass jars top down and lightly spray with looking glass paint.
  • After coating has been on for a minute spray with the mixture in the bottle, after a minute pat dry with a paper towel, then repeat one more time.
  • Wait for the jars to dry at least one hour.
  • once dry use a but of Petroleum jelly or a good spritz of vinegar water to keep the stencil in place.
  • quickly use the black spray paint and coat the jar and allow to dry.
  • *OR* grab your brush and add a layer of paint wait for it to dry and add another coat if you wish.
  • once its all dry remove the stencil.
  • Add your votive and light up the night.


Idea – Instructables  Idea 2/ Img via –  Pop Sugar Moms

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