Halloween Decor – Head in a jar

Looking for a creepy and cool Halloween decor idea for your home or party? try this head in a jar idea. It is sure to be a big hit!

As Halloween approaches I have been searching for Halloween ideas that are a bit more creepy. I found this head in a jar idea and wanted to share it. The best part is that this would be great as part of a costume I am thinking of being a voodoo lady and making heads in a jar to creep out the kids (and some adults) as I hand out my candy this year. If you look in the comments you can see that one guy turned himself into the headless horseman! how cool is that. I can’t wait to spook some people.


  • Food Coloring – yellow, orange and green
  • A jar big enough to hold the size of the head you want.
For the head:
  • Computer with Photo editing software
  • Color printer
  • Lamination – Either your own machine or take it to your local office supply store.

*There is a pdf/psd file that you can download if your like me and want to creep people out with the head of someone random haha*


There is complete instructions that tell you how to edit your own photo – Here  also as you go down the page it also has the files in PDF or PSD with the head from the image.

  • He fills the jar half way with water.
  • mixes a combination of the food coloring to achieve the color of the preservative.
  • once the image is laminated then he inserts it into the jar.
  • and its done!

IMG VIA –  Mikeasaurus – Head in a Jar prank (instructables)

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