Halloween Costumes: Minecraft


Looking for Halloween costumes for Minecraft? Check out this dirt block I made for my son as part of his Enderman costume for our homemade Halloween Costume.


My son is a huge fan of Minecraft for the computer. It is practically all he talks about besides Lego’s. So for Halloween I am making him an homemade Enderman costume. The biggest thing about the Enderman  is that it picks up random blocks and so I decided to incorporate this into his costume.

What I Used:

  • A Box (Lid optional but you may want to get one.)
  • Green Paint Chips
  • Brown Paint Chips
  • Brown Spray Paint
  • Exacto Knife
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Scissors
Optional or alternatives:
  • a Big paper that covers the box and goes over the edges. (to make your own lid)
  • Duct tape can be used also


  • So the First thing is to pick out a box. I didn’t have a box with a lid so I had to make one. Also make sure that the box is in proportion with the person wearing the costume. My box is a little bit too big for my boy.

If you don’t have a lid.

  • Now I made my lid I took a sheet of newsprint paper and measured it over the top of the box when I figure out how big I marked where the fold of the paper will be.
  • At this point I cut the colors from the paint chips apart. and then cut them in half to make squares. I probably used a small stack. I forgot to count how many I had. it also depends on the size of your lid.
  • I made a square in the middle to put the candy in used the Exacto knife to cut the square.
  • Then I used glue on the back of the paint chips. I glued them on and stopped at the fold marks I made. I used Elmer’s at first then when it finally ran out I used Modge Podge. Both work just fine on the paper.
  • When The glue dried I put the paper on top of the box, and folded it over the edges then taped them at the folds in the corners. I tested it to make sure it will come off and back on again.
  • Then glued the paint chips around the edges of the box.


  • If you have a lid then if you can you can cut a hole in the top to put the candy in.
  • Then glue the green paint chips to the lid.
  • I was originally going to put paint chips all over the box also but that proved to be to tedious so I took some brown spray paint and followed the instructions on the can. I did two coats.
  • I waited a couple days for it to dry just in case.
  • Then I cut some various brown chips in the same way as I did the green ones and put them in random places around the box.

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