Men’s Necktie Wreath

necktie wreath

Learn how to make an upcycled necktie wreath for dad this Father’s Day!

  1. Purchase a Styrofoam wreath form from a florist shop or craft store. You will need as many neckties, plus one, as inches in diameter of the wreath form. For instance, if your wreath form is 15 inches, you will need 16 ties.
  2. Wrap a necktie around the wreath form starting with the small end of the tie. Wrap it so that the point of the wide end will point outwards from the center of the wreath.
  3. Pin the necktie in place to the wreath once you get it wrapped to your satisfaction. Wrap the next tie around the wreath, overlapping it with the first tie by one inch, then pin in place. Continue until all the ties but one are wrapped around the wreath, covering the form. The form should not show.
  4. Twist a one foot piece of wire around the top of the wreath to hang it with. Tie the extra necktie in a bow around the top of the wreath to disguise the wire.
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