Easter Bunny Peep Centerpieces

Save on the calories and create lovely decorations… Here’s an idea to use bunny Peep candies to make darling centerpieces for your Easter dinner table instead of eating them all up! 🙂

peep centerpieces
yellow peep centerpiece:: lajollamom, yellow & orange Peep centerpiece:: whimsyandwise,  pink & yellow Peep centerpiece:: tasteofhome. blue & white:: mommysavers, tulip Peep centerpiece:: foodnfemininity

Things you’ll need to make a Peep centerpiece:

spring blooms

bunny Peeps

a glass vase

colorful jelly beans

plastic cup

How To:

  1. Pour your jelly beans into the bottom of your vase. (You may want to use one color of jelly beans or mix it up for a rainbow look).
  2. Place the plastic cup inside your vase, on top of the jelly beans (you can place a piece of cardstock or some other sturdy material in the vase first to provide a balanced surface for your cup).
  3. Then, line the Peep candies around the outer edge between the glass and the plastic cup.
  4. Put a little water in the cup and then cut down your flowers to fit.
  5. Arrange your flowers and Peeps so that the cup is completely hidden and display your wonderful creation for all to admire!

These glass containers are great for creating Easter Peep centerpieces:

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