DIY Easter Eggshell Candles

Who would have ever thought eggshells make wonderful Easter candles?! They sure do make a lovely addition to your Easter dinner table and a carton of eggshell candles makes a perfect spring time gift idea for friends, coworkers or neighbors! Using eggshells to make decorative candles is actually really inexpensive and easy to do using wax and wicks. You may want to color your eggs before you fill them with wax or leave them a natural color. Also, adding color to the wax can also be fun… The folks over at paintcutpaste have awesome step by step instructions, click here to see them.

eggshell candles
Colorful Eggshell Candles:: paintcutpaste
neautral tone eggshell candles
Neutral Colored Eggshell Candles:: themagiconions

To make these eggshell candles, we suggest using Yaley Soy Wax & Pepperell Small Cotton Braid Candle Wicks. 

Pepperell Candle Wick Cotton Braid Small 16' White click to order

Yaley Wax Soy 1lb

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