13 Dye Free Easter Egg Ideas

Dye Free Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Avoid the messy chemical dyes this Easter and decorate your eggs in so many creative ways! These are 13 of our favorite no-dye Easter egg decorating ideas…

1. Foil – Use the Speedball Mona Lisa Adhesive Pen and Silver Simple Leaf Set to create your own designs in pretty shiny gold foil.

2. Paper Mache – paper mache your eggs with colorful tissue paper applied with mod podge. We suggest Plaid Mod Podge Sparkle which provides a smooth shimmery finish.

3. Fabric – Keep your fabric scraps from other projects to wrap decorate your Easter eggs with.

4. Rhinestones – apply rhinestones in pretty designs on your eggs using a quality super glue such as Aleene’s Platinum Bond Super Gel Adhesive.

5. Stickers – Collect your favorite Easter stickers and appliques and then either stick or glue them on. These EK Sticko Easter Fabric Stickers are a really cute option!

6. Sticker Words -Spell out your name, a monogram, an Easter greeting or any other message on your eggs with letter stickers. EK Sticko Alphabet Stickers make a great choice because they’re easy to use and are made out of foam for a 3D look.

7. Egg People – decorate your eggs with things such as crowns, hats, capes, hair, etc. to create little egg people to display. You can draw the faces on with a thin marker and feel free to be creative!

8. Chalkboard – You can easily paint your Easter eggs with chalkboard paint, such as FolkArt Chalkboard Paint, and draw designs or words on them to make sure cool decorations.

9. Buttons – Most craft addicts and moms alike have a box or container full of spare buttons of all kinds of colors and sizes. Gluing them on your eggs is a great idea! (If you don’t have many buttons, there’s a great selection over at www.CreateForLess.com!)

10. Calligraphy & script – practice your pretty handwriting on your Easter eggs! You can draw on sweet Easter greetings with good quality calligraphy pens such as Pitt’s Calligraphy Pens.

11. Sharpie marker – Sharpie markers work just as well as calligraphy art pens, are cheaper and come in many different colors!

12. Thumbprint – using a thumbprint on your Easter eggs is such an adorable idea! You can turn the prints into Easter creatures such as a a bunny or chute little chicks.

13. Glitter – Covering your eggs in glitter is a fabulous way to decorate them without dye. Stampendous Glitter in Ultra Fine Pearl Rose and Stampendous Glitter in Ultra Fine Pastel Mint are the perfect shimmery shades for your Easter eggs!

happy easter

 Whatever you decide to use to decorate your Easter eggs, remember to just be creative and have fun! Also, don’t forget to browse through more of our Easter Crafts for holiday inspiration!

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