St. Patrick’s Day Holiday Crafts


St. Patrick’s day origins begin  with Saint Patrick who brought Christianity to Ireland. It began as a remembrance of his passing and a way to celebrate Irish culture and history. Much of this history became mixed in with other customs that later led to the modern day version that we now celebrate.

There are ways to make fill your house with some luck of the Irish by making some awesome St. Patrick’s day decor for your home.

Shamrock garlands for St Patty's day

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Another Aspect of St. Patrick’s day is the leprechaun. These little Irish Faeries are believed to have come from origins of a real life race of people. That became legends as time went on. These little mischievous faeries are hard to catch and will trick you to keep their gold safe and sound.  Although you may not be able to catch one, there are plenty of fun activities and crafts to make.

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When you can’t catch the little faeries and get their gold you can make your own.  If your wondering on the origins of the Rainbow and the pot of gold. The idea stemmed from the origins and legend of the leprechaun. The race of people that inspired the legend were believed to be rich and buried themselves with their belongings. None of their belongings were of any value and thus they were believed to be hidden and “impossible” to find. As the legend grew over time so did the idea of unreachable riches. and with that idea that they were at the end of the rainbow was born.

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One of the fun things to do is to search for the lucky four leaf clover. This has become the universal symbol for good luck and it has many other uses as well. This clover in the history of St Patrick himself was that he used it to explain the Trinity. Its also believed that Ireland is the home of the most four leaf clovers, that means that finding one is like having the luck of the Irish. Children also believed that wearing the clovers allowed them to see the leprechauns. So lets get a little bit of Irish luck and make some neat and fun clover crafts.

St Patrick's Day Goodies - Clover Pin   rp_StPatricksDayClover-FunHolidayCrafts-F-300x200.jpg

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There are plenty of fun ideas for parties. Whether its for little kids or some of us big kids. There are plenty of fun crafts to make your celebration or party fun.

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A few of our most Popular St. Patrick’s day Holiday crafts.

FunHolidayCrafts-StPatricksDayGoodies-F   10 St Patty's Day Kids Crafts  Shamrock garlands for St Patty's day

Take a look at some of our personal favorite Crafts

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