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Valentine’s day is known as the day of love and romance. Although the there is speculation on the history of Valentine all the stories depict him the same as a sympathetic, heroic and of course a romantic figure. No matter which you choose to share, one thing is certain there are plenty of fun crafty ways to show love.

One of the top symbols related to holiday crafts related to Valentines day are hearts of course. These are used in everything from Banners, ornaments and even our valentines. You can’t have valentines day with out them.

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Cupid is that tiny little cherub that carries love in his bow and arrow spreading it to couples and some that aren’t…yet. This little guy is another part of Valentines day crafts.


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The sweetest part of this day is the candy of course! there are plenty of fun and crafty ways to display and give candy as a gift to your special loved ones.

Lollipop Valentines  Cucake Candy Jars  DIY Candy Heart Topiary

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What Valentines day would be complete without Cards and love notes. There are plenty of fun and crafty cards to make, everything from your kiddos school valentines to more modern adult cards and some more traditional cards that are cute and clever.

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Now you have create the setting for giving those cards and candies. So a few quick crafts and DIY’s to make your date night, family dinner or just your home decor for the holidays feel romantic and fun.

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Now I didn’t forget the “dark” side of Valentines day. Many call it S.A.D or single’s awareness day. Whether your single by choice or single for other reasons that doesn’t mean that you can’t make some fun an crafty things for a party or to cheer up your friends that aren’t in love on this day.


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Check out some of our most popular Holiday crafts for Valentines day.

adults funny  Lollipop Valentines  framed foam hearts for valentine's day

Or check out some of our personal Valentines day favorites.

DIY Valentine's Day Wreaths - via FunHolidayCrafts  Cucake Candy Jars  Valentine's DIY owl craft

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