Fun Holiday Crafts For Easter


Easter is a celebration of the Resurrection of Christ from the dead although many people call it Easter it is also call the movable feast as it does not always fall on the same date every year. There are plenty of educational, faith strengthening , and just plain fun crafts to make.

stained glass Easter cross kids craft

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The biggest part of Easter are the Eggs, Originally the eggs were stained red to represent the blood of Christ. In modern times there are plenty of crafty and creative ways to decorate eggs from dyes and paint as well as fabrics and stickers. Don’t forget that you can also make plenty of fun home and party decor out of all those pretty eggs that you have made.

Dye Free Easter Egg Decorating Ideas   Striped Washi Tape Easter Eggs   diy Easter chick card

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The Easter Bunny whether you like him or not, someone has to deliver all those awesome baskets. There are plenty  of fun kids crafts as well as some that are more grown up that you can incorporate into your decor.

diy Easter bunny masks   hand bunny  Easter Bunny Pops

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What Easter would be complete without an Easter basket. Originally they were nests left out for the Bunny to put the Easter goodies into. Modern times we use variations of the basket to hold all of our fun goodies. Now a days there are so many options that include candy and also non candy options. Plus plenty of ideas for personalizing the basket for kids and even adults!

30 Easter Gifts for Boys   crochet easter baskets paper plate Easter bunny basket

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Make your yard egg hunt ready, with a some fun and creative holiday crafts that can be as simple as a mailbox decoration or some cute scene for the front yard. Hey you might even find something fun for your car too!


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Easter decorations can get your home feast ready. Start right at the door with an awesome wreath to welcome your guests into your home in style. There is also plenty of crafty decor options for your living room. Don’t forget to also get your dining room table dinner ready with some of our crafty ideas.

Easter Egg Trees   peep centerpieces   patchwork Easter egg table runner

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Take a look at some of our most popular Easter crafts

diy Easter bunny masks   peep centerpieces   Easter Bunny Pops

You can also check out some of our personal favorites

Easter Bunny Pops  Dye Free Easter Egg Decorating Ideas   no sew spring easter eggs

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