Holiday Crafts for the 4th of July


4th of July is biggest celebration of our independence from England and the eventual forming of our country. This is a day filled with celebrations, family, food and of course fireworks. There are plenty of fun crafts to be made.

Show your patriotic spirit with some fun ideas to make your home 4th of July ready

Patriotic Yarn Wreath - DIY Project  Patriotic Recycled Tin Can Windsock  Image via etsy

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4th of July wouldn’t be same without a party or cookout. Why not add a crafty touch with some ideas to add to the table.

patriotic party centerpieces  patriotic bandana tablecloth  4th-of-july-crafts-patriotic-rice-decorations-fun-holiday-crafts-com

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You cannot have the fourth of July without having the representation of the flag. There are plenty of fun craft ideas and activities that are inspired by Ol’ Glory. Never forget that there is a list of flag etiquette’s there is a portion of them here. The stars and stripes can be added in a subtle way that is still crafty and adds to your party.

patriotic safety pin

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What celebration is complete without some fireworks? there are crafts that you can make that are inspired by this fun tradition.


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All things Red, White and Blue. When it comes to most things we tend to use a hue of red and  and navy blue but I bet you may not know that there are actually a Flag specific Red (Old Glory Red) and Blue (Old Glory Blue) No matter what colors you choose there are plenty of crafts that incorporate these colors.


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These are some of our most popular holiday crafts for the 4th of July

Glitter USA letters for 4th of July  Patriotic Recycled Tin Can Windsock

Here are some of our personal favorites

rocket centerpieceGlitter USA letters for 4th of July

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