Wine Cork Christmas Ornaments

wine cork christmas ornaments
Image via wineandcork

Use left over wine corks from bottles for this super easy DIY craft project for Christmas tree ornaments. 


wine corks
hot glue gun or any other glue that will keep the corks sticking together
a (serrated) knife to slice the corks
some wire, thread, ribbon


  1. Cut the corks horizontally to the desired size. Cut some pieces lengthwise as well – these pieces will become your tree trunks, so you need only as many of these as the number of trees you’re going to make.
  2. Glue the pieces together, working by rows (first 3 then 2) and next glue the rows together in a 3-2-1 triangular setting. Glue on the tree trunk.
  3. Take some wire, thread, ribbon, … and work it around your tree. Make a tight double knot at the top and use some glue to fix it. Make another knot so you have a loop to hang up your ornament. You could probably skip this part and just thread some wire through a hole you make at the top of the tree.
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