Light Bulb Snowmen

light bulb snowmen
Image via kelseybang

Check out this super simple and fun craft idea for the Christmas season! 


Recycled Light Bulb

White Paint

Black Paint

Orange Paint

Yarn or Fabric scraps

Small Twigs

Spray Adhesive such as Elmer’s Glue Extra Strong Spray Adhesive

Clear Glitter


  1. Balance a light bulb on something that will hold it in place, such as a toilet paper tube, and paint the glass part white (you may choose a white glitter color if you wish). Let it dry.
  2. Paint the metal at the top of the light bulb black for the snowman’s hat.
  3. Then add eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons using black and orange paint or marker.
  4. Wrap a small piece of fabric or yarn around the light bulb neck for the snowman’s scarf and/or¬†attach small twigs to the side of your snowmen to resemble arms).
  5. Finish it off with some spray adhesive and a sprinkle of clear glitter.
  6. Hang and enjoy your recycled ornament that will give you a reason to brag this Christmas season!


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