Glitter Acorn Ornaments

glitter acorns
Image via curiousandcatcat

A super easy craft tutorial for these pretty glitter acorn ornaments perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas time!


acorns (with cap)


small paint brush


thread or a ribbon for the hanging



  1. Before you start, clean the acorns. Tie the ribbon to the small stem on the acorn cap. Make a simple knot around it and secured it with a little blob of glue (make sure your glue is transparent after hardening.) After the hanging is nice and secure put some glue on the acorn (but leave out the cap) and spread it thoroughly. Use a paint brush if needed.
  2. Sprinkle the acorn with lots and lots of glitter. This is the fun part! Sprinkle until everything is nicely covered in glitter. Give the acorn a little shove or two to remove excess glitter.
  3. Let the glue dry and your glitter acorn ornaments are ready to be used!
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