DIY Pine Cone Decorating Ideas

DIY Pine Cone Decorating Ideas

Pine cones are natural, rustic and cheap (often times FREE if you can find a tree!) so they make great supplies for easy DIY decorative items during the holidays! If you can’t find a tree to get some nice pine cones from, you can always buy them here. Cinnamon pine cones look pretty and smell just as nice… you can purchase them here or at a local hobby store! Here are a few ways to decorate with pine cones that should get you inspired to decorate your own place this Christmas…

Pine cone Centerpiece Ideas

Paint the edges of your pine cones white with acrylic paint and put them in a bowl to create a centerpiece like this one seen here. You can also create a round pine cone centerpiece around a mirror with candles to create a rustic romantic feel spotted at lhj, turn them into table top Chrismtas trees like these, or arrange on a simple tray with votives which was found here.

DIY Pinecone Garlands via FunHolidayCrafts

Here are a few ideas to inspire your homemade garlands out of pine cones this holiday season including a pine cone ribbon garland, pine cone cinnamon stick and cranberry garland spotted at factorydirectcraft, hanging garland like the one over at familycircle and gold spray painted pine cone garland.

DIY Pine Cone Wreath Ideas via FunHolidayCrafts

Don’t forget the outside of your house too! One easy way to add a holiday touch to your doorstep is by placing a beautiful wreath on the front of the door and pine cones make beautiful wreath! We love this winter white pine cone wreath and hanging ornament pine cone wreath both featured at realsimple. Add a frilly bow to offset the rustic feel of pine cones in a wreath like this one by abreiden or add cranberries and dried fruit for more of a harvest feel such as this fun wreath from mothersniche

Color Changing Fireplace Pine Cones

Color Changing Fireplace Pine Cones Toss one of these cones into the fire and watch the flames change from blue to green in a beautiful light show! Each cone provides approximately 10 minutes of color and are made in the USA.

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