Decorative Magnet Boards

These decorative magnet boards are a great idea for scrapbook pages, sharing your pictures from various Holidays, and even just to add a little touch of the season to your decor.


These decorative magnetic boards are my favorite to hang on the wall. I love to be able to share some of my favorite photos and I also love that I can also incorporate a little Scrapbooking into it also.  They aren’t hard and I made them so that I can re use the pieces for the next scrapbook display ( I like to re use and make new things out of it.) So I will tell you what I use but everything else is all what you put into it.

These are my Christmas Boards



  • Magnet boards
  • COPIES of your favorite pictures
  • scrapbook paper or some sort of background
  • Embellishments
  • OR your Favorite Scrapbook pages.
  • Magnet Tape or Buttons


  • The boards I use come with its own way to mount it on the wall but I didn’t use those.  – I used: Hot Glue Gun, Ribbon, and Tacks
  • Tape or double sided tape

These were a couple of the ones I made for Halloween


  • First I took off the little plastic piece that is meant to hold the Pen on the board.

If your going to use the Mounting materials provided with the board then skip the next part.

  • Then I didn’t want anyone to be able to see how I mounted it to the board so I flipped it over and took a piece of ribbon and glued it so that you cannot see it at the top of the board and then made sure to leave enough space for the tack and glued it to the back.
  • If you already have your pages laid out then you will want to use the magnetic buttons for a heavy layout and You can get away with the magnetic tape for a lighter layout

BUT keep in mind that if you want to be able to take the magnets off to store it for later. Then do not want to use a permanent adhesive. I used some scotch tape that I rolled on to itself because I ran out of double sided tape.

I make my layouts on the board and I make them so that I can re-use them and take them off later on and ill tell you how I do it.

  • I take the magnet tape and stick it to the back of the scrap page (or background) and place it on the board. (I have been able to remove the magnet tape but not without tearing the back a little so be aware of that.)
  • I get my pictures and lay them out how I want them to look.
  • I strategically place the magnet buttons on the picture to hold them on to the board.
  • once all the pictures are in place I figure out what embellishments I am going to use.
  • I usually will place some of the embellishments on the magnet buttons or place the magnet in darker parts of the picture then ill add them around the picture.
  • Then I hang them when I am done.

I love these and since I like to change my environment around a lot this allows me to display different things for different times of the year.

Also on my personal blog I shared what I used for the Christmas boards! so if you have a second check it out 🙂 – Here


Part of my Thanksgiving Set

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