Blog – Getting Ready For Thanksgiving


 A little  Peek into our prep for Thanksgiving. And also a little update.

In our house we start decorations on the 1st of the month. I like giving each of my holidays their due.

I started a few new things in our house this year that I can’t wait to tell all of you about them.

  • First you will notice that I made a post about Five Cheap Ideas for Thanksgiving.
  • Also I shared with you guys something that I also like to do Yarn Wrapped Candles.
  • I will also be posting a little turkey I made out of jars with my oldest.
  • Yarn wrapped apples that my son made in school that I thought was a great idea.

So keep your Eye out for these posts coming up soon.

Also I am trying to figure out why the comments are deactivated across the whole site.



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