About Savvy Crafty Mom

SavvyCraftyMom-FHC-DoNotUsePinOrDownloadThisImageGet to know me the face behind Fun Holiday Crafts.


I am the mama bear behind the scenes at  fun holiday crafts.  I am so excited to be able to bring you some creativity from around the web as well as my own ideas and creativity.

I am Mathilda AKA Savvy Crafty Mom.  I have a great husband who supports me in all my creativity and two wonderful boys that are growing and changing each day.

I am originally from Southern California and a few years back we made the trek across the country and lived in the south for a few years. This was a big change for us, not to mention the culture shock.  We just recently moved again after being down south to up North.  Just like our first big move it was a huge undertaking, However our families personal growth and independence was well worth it.

Ever since I was little creativity and art has been a big part of my life and who I am. As I grew up I found some creative ways to make things and decorate the space around me. Making cards for my dad (who was in the navy at the time) with my mom started me on the path. I fell  even more in love in fourth grade when I realized I could draw and that took me even further down the rabbit hole.  As I grew up I found myself making more and now I love to make things for others.

As with all people I am no where near perfect. Most of the completed images are just that one image out of probably dozens that were taken. I am no graphics expert, I do it all myself. So don’t expect perfection.

It isn’t easy to write about myself, can you tell?

I want to thank you,  why? you may ask.

I will tell you why. Because you are taking the time to read this and learn more about me as a person. Learning about a person are the first steps towards a great friendship.

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