Patriotic Tin Can Windsocks

Patriotic Recycled Tin Can Windsock
Image via creativegreenliving

We love this craft project for this recycled and Patriotic Tin Can Windsock that is super cheap to make!


Any size of clean and label-free tin cans (bigger ones seem to look better)

some twine

Red ribbon

White Ribbon

Blue spray paint

White cut out stars



  1. Take a small nail and hammer and poke two holes side by side in the top of the cans about 2 inches apart.
  2. Spray paint the cans completely blue on the outside after they have holes in them.  (You may have to spray several coats to get a dark enough color)
  3. While the cans are drying, cut the red and white ribbon into 18 inch strips and cut your stars out if necessary.
  4. Thread the twine through the two holes in the top and tie them on the inside to hide the knot.
  5. If you have star stickers, peel them off and stick them to the can. (If they are paper, felt, or any other material glue them to the can)
  6. Glue your ribbons to the inside of the can in an alternating red and white pattern. (You may want to reinforce the inside of the can where the ribbon is with packing or duct tape for extra windy days)
  7. Hang your windsock up and admire your handmade creation.
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