DIY Patriotic Rice Decorations

This 4th of July add this fun and simple patriotic rice decoration to your home or party. Its quick to put together and the kids can help with this as well.


What You will need: What I used:
  •  Rice
  •  Red and Blue Food Coloring
  •  Plastic Baggies , OR metal / glass bowl and spoon (The food coloring may leave a stain on plastic)
  •  Rubbing Alcohol (To aid in drying process)
  •  Baking sheet and paper towels
  •  Vase or jar 


Before you begin protect any surfaces from getting food color on them, especially with a kid (like mine) they get it everywhere but where you want it to go.
I have chosen to use the plastic baby food containers to minimize the chance of mess and its easier for my son to help.

First I divide the rice into three equal parts based on the jars that I am using. Once I do that I then place the rice into the two separate containers one for each color.
Then add your food coloring to it (I used 5 drops) the amount you add may vary depending on the type of food coloring that you use and the richness of the color.
next you add your rubbing alcohol about 1 teaspoon.
Seal the containers and evenly distribute the color over all the rice. This is the part my son had the most fun (just be sure to seal it REALLY WELL Trust me on this.)
Place your paper towels over the baking sheets, and spread the rice to dry. I waited about 20 minutes to be safe but it can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.
Once dry add the rice in layers or as you wish and you can even add a votive.

I put my rice in separate baby food jars and added a little bit of Yarn (nothing to fancy)

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