Patriotic Red, White and Blue Minecraft Craft Creepers

Sssssss – Minecraft Wallpaper by ImmortalTanuki on Deviant Art is the summation of what a creeper is and can do!

First your probably wondering what the heck is a creeper? The Creeper is a very annoying (and I mean VERY annoying) Monster In the game Minecraft. Which you can learn more about here.

A Minecraft Creeper is a  sneaky guy who likes to come upon you out of no where and the only warning many times is the “SSSSsssssss” it makes before blowing your hard work or current surroundings to smithereens (A little like my Five and almost one year old) And of course my son all about this game.  So since the 4th of July is right around the corner I decided to do this minecraft craft with him.

Before we begin I am not much of a measuring type so I will do my best for those that are.

What You will need: What I used:
  • Red paper
  • White paper
  • Blue paper
  • Black Paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Possibly a ruler or a straight edge

I must first say that I had a stencil to make the squares, but you can also freehand draw  the eyes and mouth if you want.  I also wanted to make the eyes closer to the actual look of a creeper thus the “eyeballs” but in the finished image it doesn’t quite show up.


  • First I cut my Red, White and Blue squares I made mine 5 x 6
  • Then I took my square stencil sheet and used the 1.5 inch square and cut out six squares.
  • Then the 1 inch square stencil and made six of those as well.

This part is the part that I made complicated but it really isn’t .

  •  I used the 1 inch square stencil and drew out 3 rows of 2 blocks
  • Then on the outside of the rows on either side I drew a column of three squares.
  • Then cut the shape out.
  • Then glue the 1.5 inch squares 1 inch from the top and a quarter of an inch  from the sides.  there should be Two one inch square space between the eyes to make room for the mouth. (my son just glued them as he pleased, but I like mine to look a certain way)
  • then in the inner bottom corners on top of the 1.5 inch squares glue the 1 inch squares.
  • now the mouth connects to the corners of the eyes and once you glue it you should be all set.
Our finished Minecraft creepers you can tell which ones belongs to my five year old. The first one (white) didn’t come out how he wanted but got better the second time (red) around.


(Source:  ImmortalTanuki – Creeper Image)

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